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Research says solar LED lighting in developing countries is good for the economy

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San FRANCISCO (CNFIN.COM / XINHUA08.COM)-Solar (000591) LED lighting is increasingly replacing traditional fuel-based lighting such as candles, firewood and kerosene lamps in developing countries, bringing huge energy-saving and environmental benefits. 

Not only that, US researchers have found that the trend can also stimulate local economic development, which is expected to create about 2 million jobs around the world. 

Evan, an energy analyst at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States. Dr Mills has completed his first global analysis of how the shift to solar LED lighting will affect jobs and jobs. 

He focused on the poorest 112 million of the world's some 274 million households without access to electricity. 

These households, mainly in Africa and Asia, do not have access to the grid and cannot afford solar power generation equipment, so they are suitable for solar LED lighting. 

Mills recently published a study on the website of Sustainable Energy, saying that solar energy replaces fossil fuels for lighting, creating more jobs than lost jobs. 

According to Mills, the fossil fuel-based lighting industry has supported about 150000 jobs around the world, including the sale of candles, wick, kerosene and other supplies. 

For every 10, 000 people who do not have access to the grid, the local solar LED lighting industry needs to create 38 jobs. 

According to this calculation, the current increase in jobs as a result of solar LED lighting is comparable to that provided by fossil fuel lighting. 

To fully meet the demand for solar LED lighting in 112 million homes, about 2 million new jobs will be needed, far more than the jobs that could be lost in the fuel-based lighting market. 

The study also said the quality of new jobs would be greatly improved. 

The supply of fuel for lighting is rife with black market transactions, cross-border kerosene smuggling and the use of child labour, which are unstable and toxic in their own right. 

In contrast, the jobs created by the solar LED lighting industry are legal, healthy, relatively stable and fixed. 

The report also said that the use of solar LED lighting may also create more jobs and employment income by generating indirect employment, respending energy savings, improving the working environment, raising the educational level of the employed, and so on.