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Talent recruitment


Talent Concept

1. a country will not become strong without talent, and an enterprise will not grow larger without talent. 

Talent is the basis of enterprise development and the first productive force for enterprises to promote jump and jump development. 

2. Yanglin emphasizes team building, multi-channel introduction of talents, and the establishment of an effective training mechanism, a wide range of platforms to promote talent, to provide strong support for enterprises in the fierce competition. 

3. introducing talents and Yanglin to establish a high standard and appropriate mechanism for the introduction of senior talents, opening up the channels for campus recruitment, social recruitment, and introducing overseas talents, and recruiting more talents through strict screening. 

4. in the aspect of training, Yanglin has established a comprehensive and systematic training system, which lies in the core of cultural integration and project management. Yanglin trains more and more diligent talents and improves the ability of employees through practical exercise.